He Puts the “A” in Tait’s

Brockville’s oldest daily bakery slash downtown deli – Tait’s – is moving. Actually, it’s more like an amoeba’s reproduction by fission – well not exactly like that either. In the case of the amoeba asexual reproduction, the nucleus is duplicated too, but in this case Tait’s is kind of moving it’s duplicate plasma while maintaining a central nucleus downtown. I don’t know why I thought that the amoeba analogy was perfect for Tait’s but as you have discovered, it, like many things, is flawed – yet still enjoyable. Kind of like a slightly off bottle of wine that was sent back when you were the dishwasher at the Hotel and you got to enjoy it between scrubbing pots burned beyond repair by a crazy sous chef. That actually is a very good metaphor for the Tait’s Uptown new location.

That’s a muffin!

– Stephen Mazurek

Co-owner and head baker Stephen Mazurek takes a break from coaxing dough to rise and really shows us his skills. He partakes in a Samuri Blindfolded Sniff Test of various baked goods – and one not so baked good. You’ll be sure to revisit this vlog time and time again as Steve suffers the BrockVlog fools lightly (thanks Steve!).


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  1. At last, some sunshine in my otherwise hum-drum day-to-day exsistance in my 10×12 cell, er, “Cubicle”. Heard you on the radio (2/23/06 @ 7:45am) while arriving to said employment. Only caught the last few minutes. Anyhoo-found ya’ now I’m gonna keep ya’! I loved what I saw and have even DEDICATED my homepage to Brockvlog. Keep it up. Don’t make me change my mind and take you down from “Homepage” to just “favorites”. Any suggestions? Not yet but I will keep you in mind if anything should surface!

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