Bye, Bye Bob Billings

Not to be outdone by Bob Barker, Brockville‘s Bob Billings of Billings Home Hardware is finally packing up all that stuff out front of his store and closing up shop.

Rich Little (has been) in quite a number of times…

Bob Billings on his most memorable customer in the past 43 years

But as we bid farewell to one city icon, we pay tribute to two others. In his own weird way, the Invincible Vince Brockvlog seamlessly ties in the recent release of Healy & Orr’s new CD “Old Dirt Roads” while he interviews Bob Billings’ neighbours.

And finally, a young tribute band to Healy & Orr, “Healier and Orrier” (Zach Havens and Andrew Haggith) give us a little sweet street beat; unplugged.

6 Replies to “Bye, Bye Bob Billings”

  1. I bought my first fishing rod from Bob Billings. After school in grade 5 I walked down to his store . I purchased it for $13.00. It was every penny I had. I was so excited. It seems like yesterday. I was 10 years old then, now I’m 28. 18 years fly by!! Just a cool memory!!

    from Dave @ Mrs B’s

  2. The old PhotoVisions uptown!!! Hey that was also the old Brockvlog studio! Hey Vince did you remember to remove the “photos” from above the 3rd ceiling tile from the door???

    A worried Rock ;(

  3. Glad to see you go. You have been are longer than you were wanted. Hope you don’t choke on that double chin. Take a vacation and go up the the Bristol TN area. You could find something to help you get back to GA faster than you may have want to.

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