The Terrible Twos

This time of year most people aren’t thinking of Hallowe’en. But most people aren’t Cathy McHugh and Laurel Burnham-Greene. These two scary ladies nicky-nicky nine doored Bob Brockvlog today and we had the cameras rolling. Check out for yourself what these twin terrors have to reveal. Waaaah – ha, ha, ha, ha! Fright Nights is sooner than you think, kiddies!

Oh ya. We’ve had people pee their pants.

– Cathy McHugh

All you can eat? ALL you can eat – in two minutes. The battle field is King’s Cafe. The combatants are Man (Lance Brockvlog) versus Moose. Weapons – Chicken Balls. See what causes the Battle of the Sweet and Sour. I hope you are hungry, sister.

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