DaVinci’s Code of Sh*t

We here at Brockvlog are not against the new blockbuster The DaVinci Code because of fundamental opposition to its premise. That Jesus was a man who had a wife and left a nice bloodline that is still around today doesn’t bother us at all in a movie. We couldn’t care less about that, infact. We don’t like this movie because of the idiocy of plot construct. We thought that TDC was a third rate whodunit with a bit of a bad Amazing Race quality to it. I’ve seen bigger mysteries solved in less time on the old Hardy Boys TV series. This movie just plain sucked and anyone in any level of church government that even gives a second thought that this is somehow theatening to their religious order must assume that there are pretty soft heads filling their pews indeed. I’ve seen more persuasive arguements for weaker theories “The World: It Isa Flat” (Bugs Bunny vs. Christopher Columbus, 1961) than the cloak and vinegar explanation floated by this two and half hour waste of my life.

I might go see it. If it’s convenient.

Potential DaVinci Coder

Sigh… sorry, but this movie and more than the movie, the HYPE about the movie, and even more than the hype, the OVERREACTION to this movie just tics me off.

On the sunny side: it does give us some nice material for a rocking good episode of BrockVlog.Com!

Plus: Update on the Galaxy 6 Screen construction AND another scene from “Brockvlog, The Movie”

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