A Walk On the Hot Side

Well, the summer heat is taking its toll on the Brockvlog crew today. This ep has none of the fancy video effects, none of the sexy sounds – just pure hot footage captured on King Street Brockville on the weekend.

Nevertheless, the Invincible Vince Brockvlog chats with Tina from Tina’s Golden Comb about the mythical comb. Sparks continue to fly off the screen when the adorable Lyne Henderson, owner of Henderson Printing Inc, tries to sneak by our cameras.

If you can’t see the video – you need Flash Player 8
View the Quicktime version – click here

One Reply to “A Walk On the Hot Side”

  1. WTF, did the Golden Comb lady just call Vince BrockVlog, Mark???
    Oh, she must have confused Vince for that hot actor off of Victoria & King. Simple case of mistaken identity….


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