Are You Picklish?

Danielle Warren is back on the mini-screen. That’s right, last season’s eye candy in Victoria and King leads the charge in the new BrockVlog thriller, Pickles In A Cab. This made for nothing movie features Warren as a busy executive who is caught in a post modern world where pickles have become a world health concern. If there is just one more pickle mutation in Asia and that strain of pickles crosses the Pacific – we’re all screwed.

They are really gross, though. They are. If you really think of how they become pickles.

Danielle Warren, star of “Pickles In A Cab”

So – sit back and enjoy Dani in an exclusive interview filmed right after she wrapped up shooting on this project. And if you’re real good, we just might show you some behind the scenes footage and outtakes.

Pickles In A Cab will make its debut, right here, on BrockVlog this Friday! Take that Galaxy 6!

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