Introduce: Moose

A milestone vlog today. The brave BrockVlog crew rallied against the morning rushhour traffic in downtown Lyn -fist fighted their way through the harried traffic light at Centennial and 29 and converged upon the Moose’s Den. Or what passes for a Moose Den these days in Brockville – the 103.7 BOB FM studios. After trying several plausible combinations on their back door security lock, 1-0-3-7 and 6-9-6-9 we finally resorted to pounding away on the window and somehow managed to raise the attention of the damned early morning drive time radio hosts for the station.

He’s a little lacking uptop.

– Dan Wylie 104.9 JR FM

The lovely Kristie Soble gushed, “Thank your personal choice of divine spirit that you’re here. Moose is going nuts. I think he’s in out of season estrus. HURRY!

Enjoy our manic midwinter Moose. And we wish him a happy BrockVlog welcome to our fair city! Long live the Moose!

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  1. i am a little sister very proud of her big brother.
    You are my hero. Congratulations on your new venture. When are you starting an all boy band?
    I do miss you and the g+b.

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