Wiener Take All

BrockVlog has been many things to many people over the past 175 episodes. We’ve done the in your face poke at the local media and politicians, we’ve provided a great means for out of towners to catch up on the sights and sounds of our city, and in one special episode we let our favourite BizXceler sign a Moose. But never – ever – have we hosted a sexy Hot Dog Eating Contest. That is… until now.

They’re not regular sized wieners

~ Dave Wilson of Mrs. B’s Variety

The Beautiful Betty Brockvlog goes across the street to host this glorious exhibition of glut. Dave and Laura Wilson, owners of our favourite Downtown Brockville convenience store, Mrs. B’s Variety, have put up what can only be described as the perfect trophy, and cooked up enough delicious hot dogs for all seven of the contestants.

The Lovable Lance Brockvlog pulls up a chair beside Ex-Mayor Steve Clark in the showdown and we have it all and more for you right here, right now!

(Of special note, MP Gord Brown makes his first guest appearance on the program and it turns out that he’s just as much into wieners as the rest of us. PLUS: Mike Wilson of Bob.Fm called in sick at the last minute with cramps and a headache! I’m serious! )

6 Replies to “Wiener Take All”

  1. Congrats Lance we new you could do it. Just want to say thanks to brockvlog for the great idea. We can’t wait till next year. We had a blast.
    Dave and Laura

  2. Hi there Lancey-Boy!!

    What a good little eater you are! And Jumbo’s no less! Was there mustard or ketchup involed? I hope you have a proper place to display that magnificent golden trophy. It looked pretty kosher to me ;) Mazel Tov!
    And wasn’t it good to see your MP Gord Brown out making nice with you all after the shoddy treatment his office gave you a while ago. Is there an election coming??? hahahahaha…………cynical old me!

    Your hot dog lover,
    Aunt Susie

  3. Heck of a contest and the trophy is on the all time list.I was wishing you showed more,didn’t see anything about Riverfest?

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