One Shameless Hussey

Lovable Lance Brockvlog stumbles across the new location of the BrockVlog Studios. And what a day to come in from the cold…
Local artisan chef, Brian Hussey, has just released his first ever cook book, “Small Town, Big Tastes” and The Invincible Vince Brockvlog got him to spill more than the beans. Who knew that there were secret rewards of cooking?

Guys. If you want to get the girl: You get my book!

– Chef and Author Brian Hussey

So put away the three dollar Polo cologne gentlemen, and pick up a shallot and a frying pan… pay attention and you’ll learn the secret way to a woman’s heart (and beyond!).

One Reply to “One Shameless Hussey”

  1. Lance finally shows up at BrockVlog ( its about time )and finds out he has no hours assigned to him. Vince decides to have Lance take his place and taste the food. What a nice gesture from Vince.

    I like Rock am not a Fish person but it did look good.

    Great Job……………next cooking episode “Chicken”

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