All the World’s a Floor to Ceiling Screen

Things will never be the same in Brockville again for a long, long time. Last night, the Galaxy 6 Cinema held its grand opening premiere party. 350 of the hottest people ever gathered together celebrated with an open bar, oysters on the half shell, popcorn and sodas. Among the uber-chic in attendance were Tom, Sue, Kristen, Mark and Katie JansonKrista and Todd GillBob and Judy SnelgroveCathy and Mayor Ben TeCampMark and Laura Oliver (who let them in?) – Harold and Jane Hess (they just got high speed)- Shelley and Danielle WarrenSuzanne and Kaitlynn DodgeJohn and Mrs. HolloranDave and Janice PaulKingsley and Denise Grant Bruce and Sue Lounsbury and hot Recorder and Times entertainment reporter Tracey Tong – to name but a few.

Oh my God! There’s a pickle on the dashboard!!!

– Danielle Warren as Julianna in “Pickles in a Cab”

Amongst the highlights of the evening was the not so ceremonial First Kiss of the new theatre accidentially performed by Bruce Lounsbury and Laura Oliver. So now that the place is christened – let’s get the vote out and watch some films!

But, since you are already here anyway – take a few minutes to watch a great new indie flick called, “Pickles in a Cab“. This cautionary tale set just 5 minutes in the future tells of a world where pickles have mutated and are threatening our very existance on this planet. You may never want to take a cab again!

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6 Replies to “All the World’s a Floor to Ceiling Screen”

  1. Loved the movie! For some reason all these “Big Time” Hollywood guys think you need to be sitting on your ass (can I say ass on here?) for 2 hours or more to be entertained these days. I can easily say that I got just as much entertainment from “Pickles In A Cab” as any of those long flicks, and I am not suffering from a cass of “numb ass!” (Not to be confused with dumb ass – something I suffer from on a regular basis!) Keep up the great work!!

  2. WOW!!!
    “Pickles in a Cab” captures the drama, the intrique and other big dramatic words I can’t spell of having pickles in a cab…
    What’s next??? “Pickles on Parade???”
    maybe an eating contest with a Moose???
    Man keep up the wonderful work!!

  3. The City of Brockville should invest some money into this flick to get Samuel L. Jackson to deliver a one liner: “Get these mother****in’ pickles out of this mother****in’ cab!!!”

    Can’t go wrong with a Snakes On A Plane reference.

  4. “Pickles in a Cab” sounds like pickled eggs to me. Anybody ever eat SPAM with pickles?

    Like SPAM and relish sandwiches?


  5. Well Gang,

    Thanks for the +ve feedback on the big show. We were thinking it was kind of a killer show, but, you never know – being so close to the project and all.

    You’d think with all the bags of money that we are getting from producing this vlog that we wouldn’t really give a crap about you viewers – but we still do.

    Lance, Rock – pass the Dom – this one’s a hit! HEY! Who ate all the cavier?!?

    Love you guys, Keep watching!
    We’ve got bags more to come.

    Sir Vincalot Brockvlog

  6. Great performances, especially by the pickles!
    I could tell right away that the guy wasn’t a real cabbie, he didn’t have his seat belt on.The way people drive in this ‘Ville, most cabbies wear crash helmets as well……I may be mistaken , but weren’t those kosher dills?

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