Kiss Me, I’m a Mexican

So much news, so little internet bandwidth. For the first time ever on BrockVlog, we bring The Wicked Weekend Edition to you in stereo. The audio is actually in double mono – but the broadcasters are in Dolby 5.1! Whatever the metaphor, both Lovable Lance Brockvlog and the Invincible Vince Brockvlog bring you up to date on their feelings for what’s been going on around town.

Even Todd Gill says, Hey – they’re tough!

Lance Brockvlog

So what if they forgot to make fun of Councilor Jeff Earle or to point out that Mayor Dave Henderson better be careful or he’ll soon be wearing the Freshman Forty – this four minute episode is chuck full of Brockville needling that would make the most bummed out junkie envious. Pack a bag, and take a trip with us along the Hershey Highway as we flip the stories upside down and give them a sound spanking before we put them to bed once and for all!

Wait a second to let the download start, then press the Play arrow to watch.
You’ll need Quicktime 7 to view it

5 Replies to “Kiss Me, I’m a Mexican”

  1. hey were did you guys steal that pic of me at Mardi Gras in a pink wig? jeez, cant even post a pic on an online personel ad site anymore without someone using it….
    Has Henderson gained the freshman 40? Maybe hes been eating more hersheys to support the company rather than boycotting it.
    Cant wait for the next one….

  2. Hey Guys………….pretty funny stuff there!! I was surprised to see how much you liked it up the Hersey Highway……..what ever that means ;}
    Are you guys getting gas in B’ville for under a dollar a Liter??? Poor old Uncle Stevie up here has been paying $1.17 a liter……..we’ll soon be in the poor house or………….maybe we could “RRRRoll up the RRRRim and win that “hybrid Toyota”
    Good work you all!!

  3. I must say today was the first time I watched this infamous BROCKVLOG and with no surprise.. HILarious… Although Mark.. or is it… something Brockvlog… I think that a Prescott edition is in order… I think I could work my majic to get the mayor involved.. perhaps a little giant tiger loitering…. i dunno your the mastermind.. I do however.. insist to be involved…. keep me posted.

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