Who’s the Weiner?

Slow day at the BrockVlog Studios, agreed. But the smell from just south of King Street drove Lovable Lance Brockvlog to put on his big city shoes and seek out his favourite foodstuff.

She put her thermometer in and everything…

Dave Wilson, Mrs. B’s Variety

Our man, Dave Wilson from Mrs. B’s Variety on King Street East, Brockville, didn’t have to design a $32,000 Logo to get our attention. His hot dogs are the best this side of Prescott!

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2 Replies to “Who’s the Weiner?”

  1. Leave it to Lance to ask the question of “how do you prepare the box for the wiener?”
    Oh, By the way Lance theres some mustard on your shirt.

    Made ya look!!! lol


  2. Hi you all,
    I that was pretty cool seeing the new steamed hot dog machine at Mrs B’s Variety. It actually looked some what appetizing.Were there any fried oinons involved? Mind you, I’ve been on a starvation diet for the past month so maybe anything would look good to me. Does B’ville have the BBQ hot dog/Italian sauage carts on the streets in the summer? You know like the ones outside the ACC(where the Leafs play) in Toronto? Maybe Vince and Lance could start one up for their summer job. How cool would that be and since they’re both indepentantly wealthy they could donate the profits to charity.
    Love you guys…

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