ISIS “is” Open!

Every once in a while, if you have been very good and very patient – you will find all of your planets lined up in a neat little row. So imagine our delight when we saw good old MP Gord Brown walking around in the slushy sidewalk slop of Downtown Brockville this week. Well, we just couldn’t resist inviting him on our show.

Well, I don’t know if I’m going to feel the material, but we’ll have a nice look at it!

-MP Gord Brown: He’s Hard On Soft and Silky Clothing

Further to our intergalactic alignment thesis, right next door to the BrockVlog Studios, we found a delightfully dressed and well spoken young women who is opening a brand new formal dress shop. So we put Brown to the test and arranged a little meet and greet. Who says there’s no such thing as a suit in a dress shop?

Suzanne Guild has filled the old Shopper’s Drug Store at Garden and King with loads of female formal wear. Get a sneak peek at “Isis – Clothing for Special Occasions” exclusively with the Invincible Vince Brockvlog, right here, right now.

The rumours of Raging Rock Brockvlog‘s demise have only been mildly exaggerated. He’s taken time off from updating his Facebook to wander the same streets as Gord Brown. But Rock’s armed with a camera man and a fist full of BrockVlog Pens! If the new ISIS store wasn’t enough I’s and S’s for you, then wait ’til you hear what little pea is stuck in Rock’s pod today.

“Is” there ever any end to the fun at BrockVlog?!