Cold Enough, Indeed!

With winter’s winds howling through our fair city, citizens and visitors alike were asked the age old question: Cold Enough For Ya? You’d be surprised at the answers that we received.

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl lifts their veil and gives us a sneek peek behind the scenes. See Rhona Dixon and Byron Boone as they sift through the voluminous generosity and reveal for us one shocking donation.

“Someone dropped this off and we just don’t know what to do with it.” – Rhona Dixon.

Oh, the drama. Oh, the excitement. Oh, the chili! Part two of the Brockville Reality Mini-Series unfolds today. Watch as the former 4-H Livestock Judge, cum High School Teacher, cum Chili Expert describes in tantalizing detail his take on the initial six contestant’s chilis. Be prepared to drool your salivatory glands dry as you see upclose and personal the diversity and complexity that is a Big Ass Groundhog Day Chili Cookoff!

2 Replies to “Cold Enough, Indeed!”

  1. OHHH I can’t wait to tune in next Thursday night on Global to see who wins The Survivor Chili Cook Off. I don’t trust the looks of that Oliver character, it seems so clear that he is a professional male model just trying to get by on his rugged good looks. I hope that Jeff Probst isn’t fooled by his handsome head of hair, when did he get glasses? Must have been in Panama, I missed that season. Call me. Love Lenny

  2. Whoh….Who would have knows that chili could make such a splash!…POOR claudia with her wierd tasting chili….hopefully she does alright….*dissapointed stare*….

    I want chili

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