Raw, Raw: Sis, Boom, Milk

It’s definitely not a good time to be dying of thirst around here. Two local watering holes have had their liquor licenses pulled and a hard working farm woman, Jacqueline Fennell from Conavista Farm, can’t even sell you a quart of unpasteurized milk.

Thankfully, a seasonally affected Vince Brockvlog brings us some much needed sunshine. Enjoy this long overdue Wicked Weekend Edition of BrockVlog and pour yourself a great big cup of warm self pity.

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KEYWORDS: Jacqueline Fennell, Conavista Farm, Dave Henderson, Henry Nobel, Brockville, unpasteurized milk

6 Replies to “Raw, Raw: Sis, Boom, Milk”

  1. Luuvvvvvvvvvvveeeedddd the last few seconds RE Ripnet… ‘(blurp) other customers’. Ah man, you said it! NOW, if you think you had problems before… ha ha ha ha!!! What up with the bugs in the ears? About the Raw Milk subject and how ridculous it is… One word people – PIONEERS. Did they not live off Raw Milk? If someone wants to drink raw milk, let them. It will only take one time of a worse case scenerio to fix their wagon!!!! (Get it?)

  2. Hey Kids,
    Glad you liked the mOnovLog! I’m trying to track down Jacqueline Fennell for an interview and to try some of that delicious raw milk for myself. What do you think?

  3. You so gotta do THAT guys! Go to the farm and drink right from the bucket pretty much. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA! Be the ginnea pig! This is a case of ‘pick your battles’ health unit!!! Someone is gonna get sick from something or other no matter how many rules there are or not in place. Case in point in the last how many months – the cases of bad spinach? bad carrot juice? how about green onions? No wonder i am a junk food junkie – what’s gonna kill me? Sugar? Oh I am scared!!!

  4. Let’s Get Lucky Lance

    I see in past episodes that not only did Lance get a makeover and fashion advice, I think he is ready to go on the Brockville “meet” market. It is about time the Ladies of Brockville see what this Stud Muffin has to offer.

    Suggestion for a story Vince as cruel as it could get…. send him out there to see if any ladies would like to go on a date with Lance.

    And no this isn’t his Mother!!

  5. Ahhh, but shes not selling her milk, she is selling shares in her cow. Now, Now, you know selling the milk is not legal, but the shares is okay. Maybe if you can get out to her farm for a brockvlog special she may let Vince milk her bull, that would be interesting to see!

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