Crazy Crosswalk Confusion

Geez. You can’t even cross the street without getting tagged by BrockVlog. Note the downtown corner of King and Broad Streets. The separate “Walk” and “Don’t Walk” lights have been recently morphed into one single light that displays either one instruction or the other. It sounds like the perfect and logical method. Why would you want one light for each when they are NEVER on at the same time anyway?! We are in the age of the techo-street crossings and first it was the sudden and unexplained “chirping” that accompanied the traffic light changes (does anyone really understand the different chirps and what do they represent?); and now – the man has blended the mutually exclusive signage into one and we’re left with an artifactually lower street crossing lamp house. What do we do with it? We asked the puzzled pedestrian population.

“Hot. I would say…”

– Brian Van Mierlo

Who wouldn’t want 90 seconds with Certified Accountant Brian Van Mierlo? Well, BrockVlog brings it to you hard. Catch Brian and his wacky views on subjects as diverse as blue chip stocks BCE and TD to a fantasy fist fight between diabetic Osama bin Laden and the hunger striking Sadaam Hussein! Brian – you are a bad boy!

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