Big Screen Fun

The construction on the new multiplex is going ahead at the speed of hot buttered popcorn. Bob Brockvlog presents his weekly theatre update in the 1000 Islands Mall.

Plus – another hot scene from the upcoming film, “Brockvlog – The Movie”. It takes you places you’d rather not be. Except you know that you really do!

All is going all right!

– Sam Haque

Lance Brockvlog makes foam and mesh caps de rigor once again. Check out the virtual fashion show at “Treasure Island” with very funny manager, Sam Haque.

Wait a second to let the download start, then press the Play arrow to watch.
You’ll need Quicktime 7 to view it

4 Replies to “Big Screen Fun”

  1. This is Byron Boone. I would just like to report that I was the first one to make a comment on this date on Who is this Jim Boone anyway? Hi Jim!

  2. and another thing Rock BrockVlog! You haven’t really seen Brockville until you have seen it from 5000 feet. High that is. Wanna?

  3. Byron I was the idiot who phoned you years ago from Balleycanoe to ask who you were related to in New Brunswick? My parents were both from Fredericton.You had worked at hopital as a Social Worker.Call or write anytime.I am friends of Eric and Peggy.

  4. Yes let me see the movie,I use to live in London but I don’t have any connections only with Ellis-Don construction.It looks like it will be very exciting,should we drink and smoke up just like we use to do to watch Saturday Night Live? I don’t think your guest quite understood the questions being asked? Have a great day and can hardly wait for the next vlog.

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