Cupid on the Prowl

It was a snowy day in our fair city and love was in the air. You think you left Valentine’s to the last minute? We went out looking for last minute lovers and what they planned to do to make it though the night.

Flowers Brockville shows us just how they do it, and they do it right! Take the behind the stems and stamens floral tour that not even staff nor couriers were privy to today! BrockVlog breaks down the door to the flower cooler and takes the time to smell the roses.

“It could be good for tonight”

– Gail from Pauline’s Lingerie

That little red naughty nighty really does exist! We dropped by Pauline’s Lingerie to see what’s new in the frilly world of soft underthings – and the beautiful Pauline and her lovely assistant Gail didn’t disappoint.

Take a break from your bag of cinnamon hearts and feel the love in Brockville!

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