Gimme Five

Dan Smith of Hansler Industries on California Avenue here in Brockville is no match for our Raging Rock Brockvlog today. Within seconds, Rock had Dan squealing like a rickety wheel on a… plastic fork truck. We got him to tell us all about the decades old secret behind the mini fork on a stick in the middle of his front yard, as well as the six hundred thousand dollar secret!

I’ve changed my lucky number to FIVE!

– Man who would sell his soul for a ball point pen

Once you make up your mind to have a lucky number, it is a not an easy thing to change. Sexy Lance Brockvlog offers the good people at the 1000 Islands Mall something of infinite value to do just that. Who’ll give me five?

6 Replies to “Gimme Five”

  1. Hey there,

    I just wanted to say thanks for making my grandma feel like a star. You interviewed her (Fay Hutchin) at 1000 Island Mall, June 12, 2006 about changing her lucky number for a pen. She called me that day to check her out on your website.

    Little things go along way sometimes :)

  2. It’s about time you made it back to California! I learned something today… I work here at I didin’t even know the story about the small forklift! So much for my little people driving little forklifts theory? Thanks! BTW, I thought you were leading into a race of cart vs lift… NOW there’s a story! Cheers… Lisa

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