McCourt of Appeal

What do Tie Domi, Don Cherry, and Kriska’s Mark Seymour have in common? They are all rumoured to be buying the Brockville Braves. Owner Mike McCourt says that’s all balls. BrockVlog skates around town trying to track down the true money lurking in the shadows.

Go Braves, Go!

– Larry Journal

One Reply to “McCourt of Appeal”

  1. Go Braves Go
    Mike don’t give up on the Braves yet or is the writing on the wall that the league is still upset with you? Too bad you did a great job and I think you should remain the owner.Donny Shire will even come to more games next year.I haven’t been in a few years but I always follow them on the internet and newspaper.I love the rumor mill though it would be a dream come true to have Domi and Cherry.

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