What’s Good for the Goose?

It’s getting so you can’t even take your gaggle of geese down to Armah Sifton Price Park anymore without everyone getting excited about the shit you leave behind. Raging Rock Brockvlog goes down to beautiful Blockhouse Island to stir the pot.

I pick up my poop!

– Indignant woman

So we’re long on poop, and short on scoop. You can’t beat ’em and you can’t shoot ’em. What can we do with the geese, seagulls and the rest of the defecators?

2 Replies to “What’s Good for the Goose?”

  1. Rock you pooped it again.Way to go and hopefully with your investigating reports you will get the park cleaned up of poop.A snow machine will help and ice maybe they will go south for the summer too.

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