All’s Fair

The Travelling Homeniuk Fair hit Brockville this week, and the sexy Lance Brockvlog was there to ask all those fair questions that you’ve never dared ask a carnie.

They ride the rides and they get sick.

Owner of the fair, Mr. Randy Homeniuk, on childhood illnesses.

The Tilt-A-Whirl is a great old standard ride, but have you tried the new Swinger? You’ve just got to go over to Mrs. B’s Variety and talk to owner/operator Dave Wilson about that. He’s a Swinger, for sure!

2 Replies to “All’s Fair”

  1. God I hope the kids don’t watch the show? The sticky pages at Mrs B’s Variety wow what a job.I think you better check out the fair a few more times this week you never know what you might see.There are always some interesting carnies too.

  2. The tag audio at the end was everything I was hoping it would be… Thanks for not letting me down. Keep up the Double Entendres

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