Is This Seat Taken?

By the time you’ve read this – the BRAND NEW GALAXY CINEMA will have shown its first movie. That’s right – the wait is over in Brockville, so get yourself in line over at the 1000 Islands Mall, grab a bag of popcorn and sit your arse down in an ultra comfortable chair in a stadium built by sexy Bill Tishler.

The seats are in.

Bill Tishler, Vice President of Design and Construction – Galaxy Cinemas

But if the big screen isn’t for you. Or if you just like low budget indie films – Brockvlog has it all for you, baby. That’s right, as advertised on BrockVlog for the past two months – we are bringing you our very own film: Pickles in a Cab. Catch a very exclusive preview here today and listen to what the buzz is around town.

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