Grand Bend My Ear

Signage o’ the Timeage. Brockvlog van gets a tat. That’s scratcher-speak for a nice tidy rear end bit of ink. You know what I’m talking about, tailgater.

…to accomodate the bikini clad lasses.

– Sand Worker at the park

Grand Bend, Ontario: It’s one party place. But not until the May Two-Four. Bob Brockvlog gets there a bit early, to avoid the bikini rush and gives us a tour and a taste of what’s to come.

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2 Replies to “Grand Bend My Ear”

  1. Best Interview so far!!! Where did you find that guy on the beach, Rock??? He was amazing….to bad we didn’t have more like him in this area!
    Keep up the in-depth reporting!!!

  2. Bob good show I use to live in London and was there a many a time.Buffalo Fest was a big hit at one time.It was a great spot to party hard.

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