A Chip and a Mini-Putt

If you are travelling down Highway 2 just east of Brockville, you need to make a decision. You could just keep on driving and soon be in Maitland – or you can do a U-ey in the Paling’s Family Fun Centre parking lot then pull into Madison Avenue Fries (the sign still has their previous name of “Grace N Maddies Fish N Chips”.)

You’ll be glad that you did. Because not only will you find the freshest, sexiest chips in the immediate BrockVlog vacinity – you’ll likely bump into two rather ‘distinct’ fellows while you’re there.

My wife says I’m always stretching the truth, but it’s 7 inches long.

Danny Alkerton, owner of Madison Avenue Fries

The Raging Rock Brockvlog, back from, ahem, holidays – makes friends with chip wagon owner Danny Alkerton. It’s an odd attraction, but sparks do fly and a frank and open conversation regarding potatoes and weiners will catch you chewing with your mouth open.

And just when the hoppla was dying down about the Sheryl Crow toilet paper comments – the Invincible Vince Brockvlog shows you exactly just how you really can use just one sheet of T.P. per function. Warning: may offend the Cottenelle Crowd!

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