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We’re so close you can taste her. Well – Invincible Vince BrockVlog can touch her anyway. The Brockville Galaxy 6 Screen Cinema is starting to look really sexy. I mean S-E-X-Y! And you’d better have a hard hat after you watch this exposé.

Thinking of landing a job at the new theatre? Planning on catching a few flicks with the staff discount? Lance Brockvlog gives any prospective employees a few tips for the big job fair this coming weekend. Pay close attention to Tip # 3!

All this and another installment of BrockVlog – The Movie on today’s edition of BrockVlog.Com!

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4 Replies to “Simply Cinema”

  1. Hey Vincey-Boy!!
    There you were in Milton and you don’t come see your Auntie!! Shame, Vincey! Shame!! Hey guess what?? Remember Larissa? Stacey’s friend? She works at the Galaxy here in Guelph and she’s been busy training the new staff for Milton and her brother,David is temperarily over seeing things at the Galaxy in Milton. I’m going to forward your web site to him and “maybe” he’ll give your veiwers some first hand advice on getting into the movie business. Love you lots……….A.S.

  2. Tip #4: Always carry a paint scraper in your belt for peeling the bubblegum off the seats

    Hey you guys got the lowdown on what kind of overpriced concessions will be inside??? That would make a cool assingment. Will it be NY Fries? Taco Bell, Timothys coffee??????
    I once went to the NY Fries in the Cornwall Galaxy Cinemas and they were out of fries. WTF???Thats all they make! How do they run out of their only item!!!


  3. Hey! I’m Dave.. the Galaxy dude..and have I got some hints for getting a job in the Brockville Galaxy.

    First of all.. they want people that are excited to be there, so when you go for your interview.. at least pretend to be excited. I have seen/know the managers that will be doing your interviews and they can make the pompous jerk act look easy so jut stay cool and relaxed and you will get the job.

    Second… be 16.. they rarely hire under 16 although if you think you’ve got the stuff go for it because it have been known to happen.

    Third.. they sometimes give youa tupid item like say a BrockVlog pen and tell you to sell it to them like it was an item being sold at Concession. As long as you show enthusiasm your golden.. if you just laugh about it and don’t try … just go home.

    Fourth… from my own experience being at the job fairs both at my home theatre and the milton hiring, it doesn’t hurt to get a little dressed up. There were 3 guys that had dress pants and a dress shirt on at the milton hiring and they all got the job…. that’s 100% my friends… so don’t be afraid of looking like a dweeb cause when you got a job and your friend is still asking his mom for money… then who’s the dweeb.

    Finally, just go into it and have fun. Joke around a little bit and just do your thing. The people that are nervous the whole time don’t usually have the best turn around. Just stay cool and relax and Come Visit the Guelph Galaxy simetime.


    P.S. PowerPuff Girl… pretty sure you are getting a NYF and a Yogen Fruz.. but don’t bank me on that… just pretty sure that the plans were the same as Milton.

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