Hole in What?

Raging Rock Brockvlog stumbles upon a wealth of knowledge; good, clean knowledge. Super Cleaner Angie reveals the secrets of generations of cleaners – just for the loyal BrockVlog viewer. So put on your rubber gloves and groove to the beat.

But you still have to clean your toilet

Professional Cleaner, Angie

Take a golf ball and put it in the hole. Sounds easy. And if you do it, Richard Welburn from the Million Dollar Hole in One Shootout committee for the Brockville General Hospital will see to it that you get more money than you’ve ever seen. Sunnidell Golf Club is hosting a very exiting event that even if you don’t win now, you will win when the hospital gets a nice new Plasma-Thawer (we’re not kidding!).

3 Replies to “Hole in What?”

  1. Rock good clean show but never admit on television that you are behind on whatever,especially when your wife watches the show everyday.

  2. I’m sorry, has to be asked….Will the Million Dollar Hole in One Committee have Angie the Cleaner there to wash some balls?

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