Who’ll Give Me $300?

Carrie Hands has a split personality; business-wise. This wildly successful woman of the business world takes a few minutes to sit down today and gives Bob Brockvlog a glimpse behind her gavel. You see, Carrie is a multi-award winning auctioneer as well as an independent upscale furniture store owner. Hands Home Furnishings and Hands Auction Services – oh, the duality, the plurarity, the wonderful blend of personalities: Ms. Carrie Hands.

Cause I love costumes and hats and funky stuff

– Speedy

Sap won’t run uphill. Or will it? Raging Reporter Rock BrockVlog takes to the woods and hugs himself a nice maple tree in the process. See what he finds while stumbling around the back of Lyn in this early springtime: Sweet!

3 Replies to “Who’ll Give Me $300?”

  1. Thank you for taking time to interview me today, it was fun! Your lovely comments are much appreciated. For some reason I can not get the actual interview to come up even though I have downloaded Quicktime :-( oh well.

    Cheers and continued success

  2. Love the interviews… the Tim one was great. FYI, why is there ‘background’ muziac played – like a really bad keyboardist? It’s kinda distracting. Take a poll – my vote would be ‘toss the music or get better music’ Besides that – it’s been great keeping up to date with all you. Lyn School is planning a 50 year Reunion this September – perhaps doing a bit on that?????

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