He Is Divo

We had our guns loaded and ready to let loose on MP Gord Brown and his email signature forging sidekick Mark King today. (We once received a nasty anonymous ‘comment’ when last we spoke of Mr. Brown and I would think it’s fair to say that old habits die hard over there.)

But as luck would have it, instead, we ran into a man of actual standards. The kind of old standards that maybe your mom and dad first made it to, that is. Now, we’re not done with those wankers across the street in the Conservative ties, but for today, we shall sing.

Any more than that you’re going to have to pay ten dollars.

A.J. Benoit

Local singing legend A.J. Benoit bumps into Raging Rock Brockvlog and the Lovable Lance Brockvlog right in the Downtown Brockville core. While the Invincible Vince Brockvlog was off on an errand, they pretty much stood still and let A.J. deliver. If you haven’t heard of this guy, well – you haven’t been around much, my friend.

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